Crude Oil

Compelling scientific studies illustrate how important omega-3s is to animal health. T.C. Union Agrotech fish oil products are high in those omega-3s. When utilized in aquaculture and animal feeds, the benefits are carried up the food chain so that the farmed-raised salmon, trout, and shrimp purchased by consumers are even more nutritious. The oil is the energy in the feed, which, in addition to encouraging rapid growth, simultaneously provides the salmon with the right consistency and the sought-after fat marbling.

- Contain more than 33% of Omega-3 fatty acid that can improve growth rate and anti-body in livestock.
- Contain high concentration of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), one kind of omega-3 fatty acid that is the most important essential fatty acid for marine fish and shellfish at 21% minimum. DHA in Tuna Oil improves growth rate and survival rate in fish and shrimp larvae stage as well as vitamins A, D and cholesterol which is suitable for breeding animals.
- Good source of energy in livestock and give higher metabolized energy than Vegetable oil because Tuna Oil contains higher unsaturated fatty acids than vegetable oil.
- Most appropriate for layer feed to produce low cholesterol egg.